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Whats the best exercise for you ?

There are so many different forms of exercise out there. For someone that's trying to break into a healthier lifestyle, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one that helps you achieve your goals. The simple truth is that there isn't just one form of training/exercise that is superior to the others. Whether it be weight training at the gym, trail running in the foothills or a daily dose of F45. It comes down to you, what you're trying to achieve and what you enjoy.

The best form is the one you love to do and that you will continue to do. I love weight training in the gym. Its whats gets me back in the gym every day. I feel great, I feel stronger, and I'm getting constant positive reinforcement to keep going back to better yesterdays version of myself. I have incorporated different types of activities at different times. Including kickboxing, surfing, weightlifting, callisthenics, spin classes, F45 classes, running and more. It didn't matter as long as I was up moving and getting enjoyment out of it. I still incorporate different training styles to give diversity to my training but also to establish more of a balance between strength, endurance, muscularity & mobility.

Health/fitness is individual and differs from person to person with your perception of how you feel daily all that matters. So if you feel great and are happy doing what you're doing, that's a win. So the answer to the question doesn't come in a scientific or philosophical analysis of every movement. It merely happens in the way that if you are moving, your making change and you love what you're doing, then that's the answer. Establish what your goals are and choose something that you enjoy that gets you closer to achieving them.

Gaining muscle and strength

Implementing a weighting training program, utilising a mix between compound strength training and isolation exercises. Variations of the bench press, back squat, deadlift and overhead press, can help to build a stronger, balanced and more muscular physique. Also, look to incorporate isolation exercises of specific muscle groups. Try and focus on reps and sets sizes that help elicit metabolic stress with emphasis on time under tension, encouraging the growth of muscle tissue. Just remember, building muscle requires three major components. Metabolic stress, mechanical tension and muscle damage. Without good quality protein, growth can be limited. So make sure you pair a well-constructed workout program with a balanced adequate protein diet.

Fat Loss

Fat loss is less complicated than a lot of people think or like to portray. That fact of the matter is fat loss occurs as a consequence of a negative energy balance. Which means that your body is utilising more calories during the day than are consumed. The best way to create fat loss is by establishing a caloric deficit.

You can achieve this by restricting your calorie intake. It can be quite hard for a lot of people, so you can facilitate with exercise to help create a more significant deficit. More calories are burned directly from cardio-based activities such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, skipping etc. Try to incorporate some form of cardio-based activities into your life; however you like, either as direct exercise or just for leisure. Doing this will help burn more calories in the long term.

Also, consider some form of weight/resistance training in your weekly routine. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so retaining and building muscle will increase your metabolic rate. Build more muscle mass = burn more calories= opportunity to burn more fat. So the best forms of movement for fat loss is any, but without a proper diet and a calorie deficit, fat loss cant occur. So go for a run, lift some weights do whatever but be mindful of your food choices.

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