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  • High quality protein, low in fat/carb
  • U.C.F NZ Grass Fed Whey

Scorpion Whey Protein 1kg

GST Included
  • Scorpion Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) is a premium quality protein supplement, which is designed for athletes, gym goers and people looking to improve their health and vitality. Derived from NZ grass fed cows, Scorpion Whey features a high protein percentage (80% vanilla) which will deliver a full profile of desirable amino acids that will benefit your body. Blended into OUT OF THIS WORLD flavours (including 100% naturally sweetened options), Scorpion Whey tastes amazing and mixes instantly. Scorpion Whey is the ultimate protein source.


    • Scorpion Whey is a high quality 100% instantised Whey Protein Concentrate supplement
    • High in protein, a serve provides 31g protein mixed in 200ml milk. Low carb, low fat, low sodium
    • Featuring UCF Whey (Ultra cold filtered), one of the purest & easiest mixing proteins available
    • Features the worlds best WPC sourced from healthy NZ grass fed cows
    • Provides a complete profile of desirable amino acids and is rich in BCAAs to aid muscle growth & recovery
    • Added Bromelain, a mix of protein digesting enzymes to aid protein absorption & digestion
    • Available in 20 delicious flavours that create a great tasting shake every time
    • The ultimate protein source for athletes, gym goers and people from all walks of life

    • Mix 32 grams (1 rounded scoop) in 200ml of water or milk in a shaker bottle
    • Add the fluid first followed by the powder
    • Shake vigorously for 30 seconds
    • Can be used anytime of the day to add protein to your diet
    • Best taken after exercise to help recovery & provide fast absorbing amino acids to muscles for growth

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